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"A tree not only provides shade but, has a spirit, keep secrets and healing hides a story"

We are unique ... we channel the vital energy of nature

Phytotherapy use it in a comprehensive way, and this is how we have a varied line of products that heal, soothe, regenerate skin problems and severe injuries. Our products are unique in origin and manufacturing conditions, since not only improve the appearance, but also bring health.

EIN (Espíritu, Inspiración y Naturaleza) Dermo-cosmetic Line

Its unique formula combines effective restorative and soothing action recommended in infants, children and adults use.        Soothes, regenerates and protects naturally, unique benefits of the endemic Chilean plant, Matico (Budleya globosa hope).        Shampoo, shower gel, spray and lotions help repair skin surface damage caused by the daily activities we do. It can be used in diabetics, celiacs and athletes.