Our Quality Policy

The trust that we have built between the consumer and All Green, in their brands and products, is one of the cornerstones of our company, engine fueling what we do every day. This confidence is fully integrated in our commitment to deliver beyond a product, but also health and wellness where obsessively pursuing improve the quality of life of our consumers by encouraging each of them a healthy lifestyle.

All Green carries a promise that every product is safe and harmless for use and application, are in compliance with all local laws and regulations and with strict internal quality standards. Thus also the requirements for outsourcing International marker. We do not just extreme quality of our products internally, we do this also extends to our external environment, so for example, we are demanding suppliers or service providers who also demand not only complimiento with laws and regulations and they demand of high quality raw materials.

Last, but not least, we recognize as lovers of our nature and the planet on which we live, so our processes and well developed products are biodegradable friendly to the environment, contributing to keeping our planet healthy and extend his life to continue reaping morning natural raw materials contribute to the welfare and health of our consumers.

The team Allgreen - March 2016.